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IT recruitment professionals need a robust understanding of key IT concepts as well as intuitive insight into the unique mindset of IT specialists. The "
IT for Recruiters" course gives a practical overview of IT from a recruiter's perspec­tive. It equips participants with tools and knowledge to understand client require­ments and to recognise strengths and weaknesses in IT candidates.

Through a mix of training formats participants gain an understanding of -
  • corporate IT systems, infrastructure, appli­cations, and databases
  • programming languages and software develop­ment processes
  • common IT job titles and the characteristics required to excel in each type of role 
  • the special nature of IT work and the unique mindset of IT professionals and managers
Participants learn how to -
  • ask hiring managers the right questions
  • identify promising candidates in screening interviews
  • extend their field of candidates for hard-to-fill roles by recognising transferable skills
  • recognise and leverage non-technical but IT-relevant qualities in candidates
The programme has been developed and is delivered by Sebastian Hallensleben who has previously worked in numerous IT mana­gement and technical lead roles in Telecoms and Financial Services, most recently in a major systematic investment fund. Backed up by extensive hiring experience Sebastian knows first-hand how to pick the best candidate for an IT role.

Programme benefits
  • Higher conversion rate for candidate sub­missions
  • Stronger relationships with hiring managers
  • Respect and trust from top candidates who  have a choice of offers
  • Ability to make sense of future IT trends and buzzwords
The seminar is delivered in an intensive and engaging manner to ensure long-term active retention.

Who should attend
  • Junior recruitment consultants
  • Experienced consultants taking their first steps in IT recruitment or wanting to increase their conversion rate
  • In-house HR and recruitment professionals

"Great course"  "Excellent style of delivery" "Very well structured" 
(Delegate comments)

"The feedback from my consultants has been excellent. … [They] came away from the training with not only a sound knowledge of the IT spectrum, but an idea of project and development lifecycles, the type of roles within technology, how to interview these candidates as well as being able to differentiate between the great, the good and the average."
(Paul Elworthy, Managing Director - London IT, Hudson Global Resources Ltd.)

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