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When I was still commuting into London I often used the train ride home to read articles that got me thinking or inspired me in some way. You will have your own slots in the week for such a purpose, and I would like to share some texts with you for these moments.

There are two sections: The first contains straighforward but hopefully insightful management articles, the second ... well, I have written these purely for enjoyment but if you pick up inspiration for your work from them then all the better.

Both sections will grow over time, and any feedback ( would be most appreciated. Please feel free to forward the files as you see fit. If you have any problems opening the articles from the links on this page please get them directly from the download area or read them in the Train Ride Reading and Bootstrapping blogs.

Previous work articles

Overcoming The Cult Of Action
Conventional wisdom on effective meetings is too narrow.

Weaving Change
Change management benefits from respect for continuity.

Waste Not, Want Not
How organisations can benefit from dormant potential in IT.

Objectives And The Club Of Rome
Understanding the mechanics of success is the foundation of success.

A Fictitious Letter
How to get on top of the most impenetrable part of your company

The Magic Of Offsites
Successful team offsites are about changing people inside.

Sharing For Power
How to turn competition for IT resources into an opportunity.

The Emotional IT Manifesto
Principles of IT-specific leadership.

Bootstrapping - part 07

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