Decision coaching

An organisation lives or dies by the big decisions it takes. Choosing the right long-term strategy, picking the internal structure that lets staff reach their full potential, determining what to outsource or keep in-house, or selecting the optimum new people to bring on board at senior level are all examples of far-reaching decisions that ultimately determine your organisation's success.

In most cases, all the knowledge and technical expertise for major decisions exist in-house. But these are not the only “ingredients” required for successful decision making. Just as important are -

  • a ruthless and detached analysis of what should and should not influence the decision
  • clear (but not necessarily numerical) benchmarks to weigh different options
  • a structured path through complex “webs” of decisions, including bringing in the right people at the right time and building consensus where necessary
  • an honest picture of the buy-in from stakeholders

This is exactly what an outside Decision Coach provides and adds value through. At the same time – and crucially – the decision remains yours, and the inputs into the decision remain yours, i.e. this is very different from outsourcing a decision to some management consultancy. With Decision Coaching, you and your organisation remain at the helm, but you have the help of a pilot and guide.

In some cases, decisions are so sensitive that only a very small number of people in an organisation can be involved. In extremis, it is the person at the top on his/her own. In such situations, using a Decision Coach is an excellent way of sounding out possibilities and shaping decisions and gaining full confidence that they are indeed the right ones.

Our Decision Coaching comes in a a range of flexible formats to suit your requirements. A short engagement may only cover two days where preparatory work with individuals or small groups culminates in a crucial decision-making session on the second day. A longer engagement (one week to one month) is e.g. appropriate during the start-up phase of a new project to ensure that those fundamental early (often technical) decisions are sound.

Finally, an ongoing Decision Coaching relationship can be beneficial for leaders at or near the top of an organisation. Brief weekly sessions (face-to-face or over the phone) are a possible rhythm.

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