Crisis Coaching

In every life there are major junctures, often triggered by crisis events such as losing one's job or finding oneself at a career dead end, being struck down by illness, or reaching the end of the road in a personal relationship. If you find yourself at such a juncture, the right reaction is not to try and plough on regardless but to consciously press the "pause button" and spend some time (a few days can be enough) on -
  • gaining clarity about the challenges you are really facing
  • understanding what drives you - your ambitions, your fears, your values, outside expectations, etc.
  • reassessing where your unique talents lie and how to bring them into the world
  • rebuilding your emotional and mental power
  • making concrete short- and long-term decisions about your life journey

Crisis Coaching helps you with this process. It helps you get back on your feet, and, even more importantly, ensures that you take the next steps in your life in the direction that is right for you. There is no preferred outcome - e.g. you may find that you want to push on as before but remove distractions that have kept you from fully engaging with your chosen path, or you may decide to radically change your lifestyle, start a different career, and mix with different people. The role of Crisis Coaching is not to give you the answers but to help and empower you to find them.

We offer a unique Crisis Coaching program that engages you in a truly holistic way. Two coaches will work with you on intellectual, emotional, physical, and energetic levels. This is not the "easy option" (although times for relaxation and recovery are built into the program) and demands your full engagement. The program is designed for small groups and typically takes two intensive days with a mix of group and 1:1 sessions. 

There are advantages to group work in that there is an opportunity to support each other and learn how others deal with their crisis situations. However, if you prefer to go through this process on your own we can offer a tailored version for individuals. A semi-regular (monthly or bimonthly) follow-up face-to-face or over the phone is also beneficial.

For more information please download the Crisis Coaching brochure from this page.

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