Dialogues for Policy Development

You know the situation: You have pulled your best brains into a room to work out a crucial new strategy, kick off a critical project, or solve a particularly vexing problem. But despite everyone's best efforts the discussions go nowhere while constituents are getting impatient.

We can facilitate such processes for developing sustainable policies and thus help you achieve robust plans that enjoy broad support for a speedy implementation. We employ and adapt techniques to -

  • tease relevant information out of stakeholders' heads
  • structure the information and crystallize the sticky issues
    (which might be quite different from the problems the process originially set out to solve)
  • guide people through finding solutions and provide creative impulses and structural analysis where appropriate
  • ensure sustainability and a long-term effect of meeting conclusions

We pride ourselves in a highly analytical and rational approach. At the same time, we understand that emotions play a big role - either standing in the way of reaching a solution, or, more positively, helping the process along and creating commitment to the result.

For controversial issues our work sometimes resembles mediation, and we do draw on knowledge and techniques from that area.

Specialist areas include green issues (e.g. waste management, green transport, climate change, renewable energies, smart power grids) as well as economic policy and international development cooperation. Our track record includes years of work for the German government, in particular the Ministry of Research and Education and the Ministry of  Economy, Technology and Energy through Deutsches Dialog Institut.

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