Biographical details - Sebastian Hallensleben

Sebastian Hallensleben has built his coaching and facili­tation skills in a variety of team leading, team building, tech­nical leadership, and project management roles. Amongst others, he has worked for Ericsson, the telecommuni­cations equipment manu­facturer, and Aspect Capital, a major systematic investment fund.

His management track record includes being Production Manager for a 24/5 futures and equities trading operation handling $4bn in investments. He has also been building and leading various software development teams in Financial Services and Telecoms and filled a number of other IT management and architecture roles.

Initially covering both technical and people leadership roles the latter eventually became his main focus, and he is now offering his talents and skills and the lessons learnt on a coaching/consulting basis. He specializes in -
  • Recognizing and bringing out talent in employees
    Coaching staff to reach their full potential
    Inspiring loyalty

  • Building and motivating effective teams, both
    - with existing staff and
    - through successful recruitment

  • Facilitating solutions
    - Assembling technical puzzles from specialists' heads
    - Building consensus
    (While still employed he gained a reputation for running extraordinarily productive team offsites)

  • Resolving conflict (sometimes with elements of mediation)
Those who have worked with him comment that Sebastian stands out by being able to connect with equal ease with technical and non-technical people and to bridge the cultural divide between these two worlds. He also combines an incisive analytical and scientific mind with strong emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Prior to his commercial career, Sebastian studied physics in Germany and the UK and gained an MSc and a PhD in the subject. His professional base is in London/UK. However, he manages to spend much of his working and personal life with his family on the Azores/Portugal.