Biographical details - Lizzie Wright

Lizzie Wright has advised major corporations such as BT and Pricewater­house Coopers and has worked with senior management up to board level. She has also collaborated in the develop­ment of programmes with Cranfield Business University.

She initially started out as a sales and marketing executive and studied Environmental Economics. However, she then faced a serious illness and through 18 months of deep personal and spiritual work regained her health. Through this journey, she recognized that she had a set of skills beyond sales and marketing, namely the ability to understand and work on the energetic foundation of people and their relationship with the world around them. She now uses those talents for helping and healing both in a personal and a business context.

At the same time - and this has been crucial for her success in advising businesses - Lizzie remains grounded in the realities of day-to-day life and manages to make the same connection for those she is working with. She never imposes her insights or principles on anyone but respects and encourages people to take control of their own life journeys.

Lizzie lives with her acupuncturist husband and her three children in East Sussex / UK. She works from her practice there as well as at client sites.