Strategy and Dialogue Consultancy

Disruptive change: How to drive it, how to respond to it. Special focus on project development in areas of digitalisation, open innovation and blockchain.

Recruitment innovation and talent management. Bridging cultural divides.

Facilitating multistakeholder dialogues between industry, academia, politics and society.

East Africa: Concepts and implementation of commercial and non-profit projects.

  Sectors include -

Economic policy coordination
Research policy development

Academic institutions

Talent management and recruitment

Services Infrastructure
(Kenya, South Sudan)

Financial Services / Investment Management
Mobile Telecoms
Scientific Research


+49 (0) 69 1753 6188 (Germany)
+44 (0) 203 051 3349 (UK)

Company no. 6554148
Established in 2008


The Director of Solysis Ltd, Dr Sebastian Hallensleben, holds an MSc and a PhD in physics and has worked as an IT and management specialist in telecoms and financial services in Europe. More recently, he has advised the German government e.g. on a flagship initiative for a regional research/industry campus model, on fostering open innovation and sustainable development topics based on stakeholder dialogues. He advises companies and institutions on digitalisation strategy and has also worked on the creation and management of development projects in Africa, in particular in areas of waste management, water and energy.

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