Getting IT Results

CTOs are under pressure to lead their area towards new levels of excellence - amidst budget constraints, structural change and a
tightening regulatory environment. Hence, it is imperative to make the most of the skills and talents of existing IT staff, and to do so
swiftly and decisively.  More ...

IT for Recruiters

IT recruitment professionals benefit from a robust understanding of key IT concepts as well as intuitive insight into the unique mindset of IT specialists and the true requirements of IT hiring managers. This programme delivers just that in an effective and engaging format.   More ...
  Dialogues for Policy Development

You know the situation: You have pulled your best brains into a room to work out a crucial new strategy, kick off a critical project, or solve a particularly vexing problem. But despite everyone's best efforts the discussions go nowhere, and constituents are impatient.
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Decision Coaching

An organisation lives or dies by its big decisions. Choosing the right long-term strategy, picking the most effective internal structure, determining what to outsource or keep in-house, or selecting who to bring on board at senior level are examples of far-reaching decisions that ultimately determine your organisation's success. 
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  Crisis Coaching

In every life there are major junctures, often triggered by crisis events such as losing one's job or finding oneself at a career dead end, being struck down by illness, or reaching the end of the road in a personal relationship. If you find yourself at such a juncture, the right reaction is not to try and plough on as before - .  More ...

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